Artem Lobov: Jose Aldo is a ‘p-ssy’ for accepting Conor McGregor’s UFC belt

Artem Lobov, who says that being Conor McGregor’s main sparring partner is the “biggest achievement of my life”, recently took aim at the top of the featherweight division. He claimed that with McGregor moving up to lightweight, he is now “the hardest hitter of the division by a long shot.”

Lobov said that included Jose Aldo, who he is now calling a “pussy” for accepting the UFC featherweight belt that was stripped from McGregor.
“I’ll tell you one thing about Jose Aldo, if I was in his position I would have never accepted that belt,” Lobov told Submission Radio. “What? So they took the belt from the guy that knocked him out in 13 seconds. They took it off that guy and they handed him that belt and he just takes it and he’s happy and smiling on his face?”
“Like, what kind of pussy do you have to be to take that? No way in hell would I ever accept that belt. I would say, ‘give me that guy again. I want to fight him, and if he’s not in the division anymore, well then f—k that, I don’t want that belt. Let the other two fight for the belt and then I’ll fight the winner and I’ll earn that belt’. Because now he’s holding a belt that Conor got off him in 13 seconds and he’ll never be able to get rid of that stain,”
he continued.
Now Aldo is fighting interim featherweight champion Max Holloway at UFC 212,June 3th for undisputed world featherweight championship.

“Even if he beats now Max Holloway, he’ll still be holding that same belt. So how are you as a man, as a fighter that respects himself, accept that belt? I would have never done it in my life. I don’t know why he f—king done it.” said Lobov

Looks like Aldo’s a fake champion,what do you think? Stay tuned for more!


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