Jose Aldo slams McGregor ”F-ck him”

Speaking at media scrum Aldo said: ”I don’t think about McGregor today. I couldn’t care less what he’s doing. I want to remain champion,want big fights. If one day i fight him,great. If not,i’ll continue being champ. Continue to be same person,fighting and winning.I don’t care about Conor today . I only talk about him because you ask,f-ck him”

Aldo’s going to fight Max Holloway,interim featherweight champion for the undisputed title at UFC 212,june 3rd,saturday.

He won his last content against Frankie Edgar for the interim featherweight tittle at UFC200,after Conor relinquished his featherweight belt.

Aldo lost against McGregor at UFC194 in just 13 sec of the round number 1. That was the KO of the night.

I wanna see them fight again!


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